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Your brand is our business...

...we help your brand stand out


 Serving Calgary and Southern Alberta with Custom Signage and Graphics since 1975.

There are a lot of sign companies to choose from so why choose Turner Signs? 

Turner Signs is a full service sign company offering custom electrical signage and non-electrical signs. From smaller nametags and equipment plates to door and window signs all the way up to larger building mounted signage, we can cover the full range of everything you may need for your retail, commercial, or industrial property. 

We stand by our products and offer warranties on everything we sell. We are proud of the signs we make and want you to be proud of them too.  We carefully select our materials and suppliers to make sure that any product we offer is high quality and built to last.  Your brand and image are vital to your business - should you really go with the lowest price option? Good value is a great quality product at a fair price and that is what we offer day in and day out.


We are focused on providing our clients excellent solutions and timely, professional service.


We are committed to providing value in a great quality finished product at a fair price.


With over 40 years in the business, we bring a depth of knowledge to each project. 


We are happy to help with any repairs or service your signs may need after installation.

Interior Signs