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Service + Installation

Leave it to the local experts!

We are your trusted partner with vast experience to install signage properly.  Our trained and certified installers excel in proper training, safety, and insurance coverage. 


We have experience working with both US and Canadian-based national sign providers and brand managers and would be happy to work with your team.

Full service

Sign Permits and Permitting Services

A sign permit is required for most permanent and temporary signs. Municipal governments use permits as an approval process to ensure (a) the size, colour and location of a sign comply with local regulations concerning consistency with the streetscape and (b) the sign’s structural components comply with applicable building codes. 


Signs are only as good as how they are installed – our crews ensure that all signs are installed square and level and at the same height throughout to maintain a cohesive look.

Turner Signs also offers installation services for sign manufacturers, franchises, and national accounts in addition to local businesses. 

Our YESCO connection

Turner Signs is connected to the YESCO network for sign services such as repair and maintenance through our sister company, Calgary Sign and Lighting Service Ltd.  We are the YESCO franchise operating in Calgary and serving southern Alberta.  

YESCO logo

YESCO has been in the electric sign and lighting business since 1920 and is now operating in Calgary! We focus on servicing and repairing existing signs and lighting installations. We take great pride in delivering top-quality services to our clients year after year. As a one-stop shop for all of your sign and lighting needs, we cater to a wide range of issues and scopes of work throughout the Calgary area. We hope to earn your business through our excellent customer service and quality. Check out our services below and give us a call for any of your sign service and lighting service needs!

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