LED lighting can be incorporated into almost any interior sign to add definition to your corporate image. LED signs are virtually maintenance-free and consume up to 80% less power than conventional lighting or neon.


At Turner Signs, we specialize in creating classic and clean ways of displaying your corporate logo in reception areas to add a level of polish and professionalism for visitors and staff. Need something that matches your corporate culture? We can do designs from clean, crisp and formal to creative and unique to convey how you want your company to be seen.

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Acrylic signs can be laser-cut to allow for complicated designs in multiple colours. It can also be laminated with metal to allow for metal-looking finishes at a reduced cost from solid metal equivalents. In many cases, acrylic can be substituted for glass providing a lighter and more durable alternative. Want to match your company’s specific corporate colours? We can paint acrylic to match any Pantone to guarantee your sign matches corporate standards.


LED Illuminated

Corporate Reception Signs in Calgary, AB

From modern polished stainless steel and aluminum to classic bronze and brass, Turner Signs can create metal signs to give your company an upper-class look. Multiple different finishes are available from polished, brushed, and anodized to patina and weathered rust. Combining different finishes can create a fantastic contrast.